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Social Responsibility

As a responsible renewable energy company, CSUNPOWER is committed to sustainable business practices. Our mission is to pursue cost-effective solar energy solution and reduce KWH cost. We offer an eco-efficient energy solution that provides more solar electricity, at a competitive cost, and with the smallest environment impacts per kWh on a lifecycle basis.

CSUNPOWER PV Plant Environmental Features:

Smallest carbon footprint of all solar technologies

Fastest energy payback time (less than 1 year)

Lowest water use (on a lifecycle basis)

Over 90% reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants by displacing conventional generation

Commitment to responsible land use and minimizing impacts of PV projects across their life cycle

Access to operational, industry-leading module recycling services

With a commitment to sustainable product life-cycle management and corporate responsibility, CSUNPOWER is creating enduring value every day – environmentally, socially and economically.
We provide solar solutions contributing to a sustainable, clean future.
Focused on a sustainable future. Solar energy is clean, renewable, and abundant. When you invest in solar energy, you’re investing in the future — for all of us.